[Meta] Updating johnliu.net from Squarespace v5 to v7

This is actually something really, really long overdue.  v5 is from the year 2008.  That is SEVEN years ago.

You will notice:

  • Responsive Design
  • Comments are replaced with Disqus - the original comments are imported, but Squarespace's own comment spam detection has not been great for me. 
  • Squarespace v5 renders pages in X-COMPAT-IE8 which means it looked extra sucky.

You will find missing:

  • Some of my game blog pages - I've removed them because they are just the rambling of a young man.
  • /Storage is a bit funny - I "hope" I imported my old stuff properly.
  • My badges and tag cloud.  I hope to add them back in time.
  • I noticed the RSS feeds got confused and prepended www.johnliu.net - I've removed the www but there may be duplicate records in the RSS reader.

What I am missing:

  • I am absolutely devastated that v7 doesn't work with Windows Live Writer.