Flow Studio


Flow Studio is an application that connects to your Microsoft Flow and extends that experience

It is not a replacement of the Microsoft Flow site or app
It is designed to add additional features that will assist both Makers and Admins in using Microsoft Flow



Additional Navigation, Visibility

Flow Studio help a Maker navigate their Flows

  • allowing sort, filter in many fields.

  • Sorting includes by Last Run, or by Run Count. These improves a maker's awareness of what's running in their Flow environment.

  • Jumping into that Flow or that Flow Run takes a maker right into their Flow.

  • Custom Tags for filtering

  • Trigger connector for filtering

  • Colour filtering

Some future updates ideas:

  • action connectors for filtering

  • saved 'views' for custom filters and sort


Flow Studio Pro: Additional Power, Convenience for Makers

Flow Studio can:

  • Duplicate Flow

  • Edit JSON support with Find/Replace

  • Multi-select and resubmit failed runs

  • Export almost everything to Excel

  • Version history and backup to allow you to undo and rollback to an earlier version

Some future updates ideas:

  • features to insert snippets

  • combine existing Flows

  • alerts when it detects a mistake in a common pattern


Flow Studio Admin: Additional Bird's Eye View, Ease of Mind for Admins

Flow Studio Admin can:

  • visibility into all Flows running inside a tenant's environments

Some future updates ideas:

  • focus on Runs - view environment by aggregated runs

  • export of run details, including available output steps

  • additional triggers when Flow Studio detects there are new Flows or new Failed Runs - so you can decide what to do

  • turn off Flows that exceeds a quota

  • report on Connectors used by a Flow

  • manage Flows by deactivating them as a group, or moving them between environments

  • report on orphaned Flows whose owner may have left the company


Sign up and Feedback

We look forward to your feedback.

Try it:

Feedback is welcomed - can be done here, or within the app


Privacy / GDPR Disclaimer

The Flow Studio Team (John Liu) will only share Personal data and Personal Sensitive data between Client and Team with the written consent from both parties.  There are no third parties involved, and if there were in the future - written consent will be requested first.

No data will be shared with other organisations the Flow Studio team is associated with: SharePoint Gurus, Sydney SharePoint Usergroups, or Office 365 Saturday Australia.

Without this written consent, no personal data will be shared with any persons or organisations in or outside of The Flow Studio Team.

All transfer of data within or between The Flow Studio Team and its Customers is protected by HTTPS encryption.  

Specifically, Flow Studio records a user's Email address for login and verifying valid accounts.  Flow Studio versioning stores copies of Flow definitions (without the connections), so a maker can revert their Flows to an earlier version. In the future we may look at implementing a subscription service or automated remote monitoring services - we will send communication before moving users into any subscriptions offering.

Requests for account to be deleted is available by contacting compliance officer (John Liu)