Knockout JS and SharePoint

Knockout is a JavaScript library that solves the problem of (MVVM) data binding on the client side.  It's a magical library that takes away the complexity of tracking how to update your client side DOM from messages received from the server.  

If you understand why jQuery is cool, discovering Knockout will blow you away.

These series of developer talks dives into:

  • introducing Knockout
  • complex databinding patterns
  • linking up with SharePoint 2010 REST service
  • using REST service to perform full CRUD - that's right, SharePoint's REST service interface is twoway!
  • linking in client side JavaScript drag and drop
  • implement auto refresh
  • notes and ideas from beyond the frontier

Creating Knockout User Experiences in SharePoint with JavaScript and REST services

Retrospective: Creating Knockout User Experiences-in-SharePoint with JavaScript and REST services

Knockout binding formatters for date and currency