John is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Office Server and Services (SharePoint)
https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/PublicProfile/5000508?fullName=John Liu

John is a Senior Consultant based in Sydney for SharePoint Gurus.  He specializes and blogs (johnliu.net) frequently on client-side scripting, custom development, workflows and Forms. Originally from a long technical background with .NET, he made the jump to focus and work with numerous SharePoint and Office projects for the last decade.

John loves to find ways to bring the latest web technologies to the Office world, applying them to extend your business’ capabilities.  In recent years, John is very much in love with the Serverless technology stack – Azure Functions, Microsoft Flow (Azure Logic Apps), API management and Function proxies.

John is a frequent speaker at SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Saturday, Microsoft Ignite and Office 365 events around Australia, and helps organizing the Sydney SharePoint User Group (e.g. consuming all the pizza).


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Public Presentations


  • Speaking

  • SharePoint Saturday Melbourne 2011

  • SharePoint Saturday Canberra 2011

  • AUSPC 2011


  • SharePoint Saturday Melbourne 2010

  • Sydney Silverlight Design & Developers Network (SDDN), 2010

  • SharePoint Saturday Sydney, 2010

  • Sydney SharePoint User Group, 2010

  • Adelaide SharePoint User Group, 2010

  • AUSPC 2010

  • Sydney .NET User Group


  • Lives by the code, dies by the code

  • Presenting at user groups and mixing in the community at large

  • Never stop learning

  • Software Architectur'ing

  • Mentoring developers

  • Unblocking people's problems

  • Fix nasty bugs

  • Resolve merge conflicts

  • Test driven development and unit testing

  • Solving client's pains and problems


  • (Bogged down by) Project Management

  • Code Archaeology

Husband and father

  • Married to lovely BFF: Lina

  • 1 adorable boy: Keith (2008)

  • 1 adorable girl: Kat (2013)

Avid MMO Gamer

  • Neverwinter (XB1)

  • RIFT (Nightmare Tide)

  • Neverwinter PC (FREE, retired)

  • ArcheAge (retired)

  • Elderscroll Online (retired)

  • FF14 ARR (retired)

  • Wildstar (retired)

  • Defiance (retired)

  • Startrek Online (free)

  • Guild Wars 2 (free)

  • Diablo 3 (XB1)

  • Lineage II (retired)

  • World of Warcraft (Beta, Classic, BC, WotLK, Cata) (retired)

  • The Secret World (FREE)

  • AION (retired)

  • LOTRO (Free)

  • PotBS (retired)

  • Starwars Galaxy (retired)

  • Warhammer Online (retired)

  • Terra Nova (retired)

  • Eve Online (trial / retired)

  • Champions Online (trial / retired)

  • Free Realms (free / retired)

  • Also on Steam

  • And on XBox Live

The "Other" kind of gaming

  • Newbie D&D player (3.5e, 4e)

  • Eberron

  • D&D Castle Ravenloft

  • Huge Space Crusade fan

  • Hero Quest'ing with mini-John

  • Space Alert

  • Red November

  • Munchkins

  • Star Fluxx

History - Almost everything about John Liu in bullet points form.  Here we go!

  • Assimilates almost any .NET related technology that he can get his hands on

  • SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server

  • WSS and MOSS

  • InfoPath and Workflows (SPD & Nintex)

  • Qdabra services

  • SharePoint Client Object Model

  • jQuery, KnockoutJS and TypeScript

  • REST and ADO.NET data service

  • Windows 8 Metro

  • Silverlight

  • (WPF before that)

  • ASP.NET, AJAX / MVC / Dynamic Data / Orchard

  • Windows Phone 8, 7.5, 7, and an unhealthy dose of Windows Mobile 6.x

  • WCF, RIA services

  • DirectX

  • PowerShell