M365 Developer Bootcamp and M365 Saturday Sydney

There are two events coming up soon in Sydney regarding the SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft 365 community and ecosystem.

M365 Developer Bootcamp Sydney

The M365 Developer Bootcamp is the return of the popular Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp. This is when the Office 365 MVPs and community experts help everyone and anyone that wants to have a crack at solving any Office 365 (and M365) related coding challenges.


Whether it is to build a SPFx webpart, extend Microsoft Teams, explore Microsoft Graph. The format this year will be lighter on talks, and more focused on helping you pick a challenge you want to do, and help you complete that project.

Friday, October 18 at the Microsoft Reactor in Level 10, 11 York Street, Sydney (above Wynyard Station in the Sydney Startup Hub).


M365 Saturday

The SharePoint Saturday / O365 Saturday Sydney returns this year as M365 Saturday.

Administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft 365 Technologies will meet for the 11th SPS Events Sydney event!

This event is aimed to cover best practices, product/feature usage, and getting the most from the platform and discovering what is possible rather than deep diving into "how to" development topics. Developer topics will be covered more in the M365 Developer Bootcamp above.

Saturday, October 26 at the Microsoft Reactor


Call for speakers is still open for M365 Saturday


Help us spread the word, and let us know if you would like to present something!

How do you bring your content to your readers?


Hi, today’s post isn’t a technical post, this is probably more of a “I need your help post”. So this is something I find really difficult to write about, because I really don't see myself doing well at this.  But it's something that I have given quite a bit of thought, and perhaps, by writing and seeing it all written down, I can streamline my thoughts and enlist You to tell me better ideas of your perspectives and how you managed to do all these things.

My Problem (May be also Your Problem?)

I am a curious person, and I’m a community person. I explore and share what I find. As a result - I create useful content with Microsoft Flow, Power Platform, Office 365, SharePoint, JavaScript, Angular and more.

The content is created on different platforms.

Not all my users are on that one platform - so I need a way to bring the content to them.

From Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn to newsletters and YouTube channels.  The simple goal is to make use of the content as much as I can - so how do we amplify that goal and bring our content to more channels, and thus, a wider reach?


I started blogging a while ago, first blogs I wrote were basically for myself.  I love blogging, because blogging gives me a place to write down the complex solution we ended up with, the journey and justifications to get here, and ultimately, like every blogger could testify - we end up searching online for a solution, and arrive back on our own blogs.  This is a sign of success.  The past me, invested in knowledge management, for the future me. Thank you so so much, past me.

In the dawn of the Internet - owning a blog was a way everyone could express ourselves.  Highly searchable, and not blocked by paywalls, registration, or even a subscription or promotion model (looking at you Medium) that required everyone to pay before you could get your content promoted, or others can get access to your content.

Microsoft's many community forums, other bloggers and Stack Overflow continues to be a direct source of incoming traffic sending new readers to your blog. In conversations, people will say John, I saw that in your blog. Sometimes years later, someone sends you an email out of nowhere - I saw something in your blog about this problem I have today, and I thought, thanks John, and I send you this email to check on how you are doing these days.

Wonderful wonderful fuzzy feelings. Blogs are the best. 

My scorecard: 8
(This is a score card of realistically how much effort I should put into this content platform)

Blogging works - as the backbone of your content distribution.  Keep blogging.  Blog more regularly.  Perhaps, even write a blog for everything you do elsewhere.

If you have not started a blog, or blogs infrequently, then blog but focus on more timeless content.  Content that makes sense today in 2019 just as it did last year or 2009.  And configure your blog URL and title not to show dates.

Blog syndication?  I think they should have access to a summary, but ultimately, the extended value of the blog is the conversations with you.  If the conversations were happening outside of your view, then they are talking about you, not with you. Try avoid that. 


I started Twitter as a way to reach more people, have that conversation - and some of the best conversations (and some of the not so great ones) were had on Twitter.

In the era of Microsoft Flow, as a low code and very visual platform - I started doing essentially micro-blogging of Flow lifehacks on Twitter - these are highly shared and easily promoted by Microsoft community managers, product accounts and even key Microsoft engineers working on that product.

My scorecard: 7

Micro-blogging is fun, but Twitter has one of the worst search experiences, and practically no guarantee of content delivery - you are at the whim of Twitter's relevant content algorithm which artificially decides what should appear or disappear on your follower's timeline.

When I crossed 100 Flow lifehacks, I decided that I need to re-invest those content into proper blog posts - some have pretty serious expressions and formulas behind them.  Others needs a further introduction to why this was a problem in the first place and why this formula solves that problem.

Ultimately, Twitter remains one of the best places to meet and have conversations and see what others are sharing.  Very easy to ask a question and be directed to an answer (hopefully a good answer!)

Use a automated content distribution scheduler - Buffer, Tweetdeck, or something else.  Schedule retweets of your own content in an opposite timezone.


I come to LinkedIn quite late in the game - there is a specific reason why - see, for the longest time I thought people visit LinkedIn when they are about to change jobs - they go and update their CV. 

I've come to realize this is not the case.  LinkedIn has a mini-community of its own, similar to Twitter, but in which everyone is operating on their own personal accounts and brands.  That means conversations are generally more civilized, and the motive of each person in the community is apparent in the profile they present.  Are they a product vendor?  Are they a consultant?  Are they an outsource company?

Conversations are also generally work related - so even though it feels like social banter - it’s targetted banter related to work topics. Social like Twitter, but without all the random noise related to everything “not work”.

People tend to put on a more polite face when they use that face to sell their services.

My scorecard: 7

Use an automated content distribution tool like Buffer - but make sure you engage and connect with people to extend your circle, and answer messages.

Live Coding / Live Stream

Live coding is something I REALLY wanted to do - because of the Flow lifehacks that I do are basically hour-ish quick hacks with Flow and we can see some immediate results.  I always wanted to record that and turn that into a stream-able content. 

I actually tried live coding / live streaming Flow lifehacks several times, each time with very few attendees. 

If you do this well, I want to know! 

My thoughts on this - to build a following for live streaming, you must advertise, advertise, advertise that you are going to do this at a specific time, so people can plan and join you in that time.  Make it regular is good, but it must be advertised.  Have a set plan of how long you will go on air, what problem you want to solve, and what outcome you want to have.  This may be easy or hard, really depends on what you do.

My personal scorecard: 4


Podcasts are an interesting thing - see in Sydney, we have a problem.  The rest of the world likes to run livestreams and community calls during our sleep time - the optimal time that these live events run is a time that covers America and Europe, this is basically between 1am and 4am Sydney time.

So many Sydney based MVPs face the same problem - we can't join product community calls, as that will destroy our next day and we'd be completely hopeless in our day jobs the day after. 

And if you stay up to present at these community calls, we salute you and think you are a machine.  In reality, your hair is white from lack of sleep, and you require the assistance of a barber that knows how to dye your hair back to black so you look like you went back through a time machine and lost 20 years. True story.

So instead, we often say well, we should start our own podcasts - Office Devs Down Under.  Do you know what happens when your Office Dev MVPs have a lot of time because Support is asleep during your work hours and you have to fix something for your customers because Vendor is unavailable?

We became extremely good at trouble shooting Vendor's problems, and have an extremely versatile perspective. Get stuff fixed with or without support

May be that's still going to be a thing.  Gosh, I want this to be a thing.  I really do.

My personal scorecard: 2

YouTube channel

As I progress in my thoughts - I wondered, OK, perhaps rather than making a scheduled effort to produce a regular live stream or podcast, I should make a series of videos and post them to YouTube but release them over time. 

Subscribe to John Liu, Flow Ninja channel

The tricky part here is not so much the recording, but the editing.  Producing content gets easier the more we record and practice, but it always takes extra time, sometimes a lot more time, to edit the video content to be consumable.

Sometimes, it might be easier to work with another MVP that's got a big following in this area and record something with them, and perhaps cross post that to your own channel. 

Dedicate your own channel, or partner with existing publishers? Hard questions - may be both, and add the shared videos to your play list so they appear on your own channel too.

My personal scorecard:


Ultimately, this is not something I realized until much later, as I'm expanding my reach to people that follow my work - an regular email newsletter is still the best way to reach your entire potential community, everywhere.

Whether you introduce them to your new YouTube channel.  Draw their attention to the latest Microsoft update and what that means for them.  A super new technique that they can use to really get the best outcome from their PowerApps or Flow investments on your blog post. 

An upcoming free event or paid conference.
A newsletter is the most basic form of content, and still the best way to reach your audience.

Make it genuine.  Make it you.  Be authentic.  Don't put a bunch of random advertising in it.  Especially don't let Meetup own your mailing list so now you can't reach your own audience that you sweated so hard to earn their trust to come to your user groups every month. 

My scorecard: 9

Subscribe to Flow Studio Newsletter! (sorry I can’t resist)


This, and more is what I really think about each of these platforms and what I really want to do with every one of them, (if I have all the time in the world).  But I think if there's anything you should take as the one thing from me, it is this - build up a mailing list for newsletters.  That's always useful.  Publish a digest of your own blog posts or YouTube and mail it out to your followers once a month. Add a subscribe to your newsletter link somewhere on your blog, and YouTube channel. 

Make it genuine, and make it you.

There's a few things I want you to help me:  first - fill in this survey to let me know how you consume content, and how you'd like to produce content. 


Second, please leave any comments below - especially if you really disagree with my assessment of how certain platform should be utilized.  I really want to know your perspective.  Because this is something that I think is bigger than all of us.

Thank You

Several people directly and indirectly helped me to write and review this blog post

  • Shiva Ford asked me to write something two months ago and I basically have this blog post in mind for two month, brooding how to write this. Some parts are really hard. But once you brooded over an article for two months, you can’t let it go to waste, all that brain cells given to this writing.

  • Marc Anderson - read Sympraxis Blogs - I asked Marc to review the blog post and you will not believe how fast Marc was able to correctly identify my “real” problem. He suggested that I look for a part time product / marketing manager to handle Flow Studio app. Marc is an ultra Gandalf-Yoda.

  • George Doubinski - we have a lot of chats over content platforms and extending our content several months back, and then again last week. Read CRM Tip of the Day and thinking about how do we bring that amount of content to our readers.

  • Reza and Leila - similar discussions for Power BI and AI related content over last week, which went into my thinking and writing.

Presentations at the Digital Workplace Conference Australia 2019 I’m looking forward to

It’s really exciting for me to be back at the Digital Workplace Conference again in 2019, this is one of the first major conferences that I was very fortunate to be able to present at, and I have always looked forward to attend, to learn and to give back and present the latest happenings in SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and now also Power Platform.

The Digital Workplace Conference will be on August 6-7 in Sydney.


This year I’m presenting a topic (and sorry for the slightly concatenated topic name):

A quick introduction to Microsoft Flow, but rapidly takes audience deeper to see the possibilities of the types of solutions possible

There probably should be a line-break in there somewhere. You have to use your imagination for this title for that missing character, sorry!

Lets try that again!

An introduction to Microsoft Flow: Office 365 - Automated

This is an introduction session on Microsoft Flow, but my aim isn’t to show you a simple alert email. My aim is to explain that we have far transcended “Workflows”. It’s not just workflow. We are way beyond that - what we really have is a full Automation Engine. It is Office 365 - Automated.

Be very careful, writing Microsoft Flow is completely addictive.

The Sessions I want to see!

  • Become The Expert of You – Power Skills for Personal Development - Heather Newman

  • Trust-Based Corporate Culture: How to Kick Fear and Toxicity Out of the Workplace - Heather Newman

  • The Fruit Salad Formula for Implementing Ofice 365 - Debbie Ireland

  • Microsoft Teams Deep Dive – 29 Practical Tips and Tricks - Lee Stephens

  • Making Teams work without understanding Information Architecture - Alistair Pugin

  • A Zero-Hype Introduction to Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning - Kilash Awati

  • Adding voice interaction to your apps - Brian Farnhill

  • Give your PowerApps and Flows some Vision, Language and Feeling - Rich Burdes

  • How to build a Project Hub with Hubsites and Sitedesign and Sitescripts - Knut Relbe-Moe

  • Success Factors in a Thriving Yammer Network - Rebecca Jackson

  • How to Govern PowerApps and Flow - Paul Culmsee

  • Governance & Adoption for Microsoft 365: Making the Marriage work - Megan Strant

But that’s not all

I’m at the conference both days and plan to hang around for the workshop day too. So if you have any questions on

  • Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Power Platform Governance solutions

  • Azure LogicApps, Azure Functions

  • SharePoint, PnP, Microsoft Graph, SPFx

  • Flow Studio startup journey

  • The latest imaginations in the mind of a mad man

And whatever in between…
I’m available for a chat!

The value of a Physical Conference

I always feel the top value of a physical conference is being able to stash away two or three days to focus and immerse in an environment with like-minded people, we talk tech, have the same challenges, but may have solved some of them with our own personal takes of that experience.

We are very much alike - when we are together in the same conference - we are introduced to new ideas that gives us a much broader perspective than we would usually see when we are so focused on our immediate day to day business problems.

I treat it as a relaxed edu-vacation. Seek out the sessions that broadens my capacities. And grab hold of the presenters and get a deeper discussion to take that back with me.

I would love to see you (see you again) at the Digital Workplace Conference 2019. If you see me you should say Hi John - I want to ask / I want to tell you about <THIS THING>

Presenting a roadmap to learning and mastery of Microsoft Flow at Collab365 Microsoft Flow Virtual Summit

All the Flow you can eat!



I managed to squeeze in last minute with a session on “A roadmap to learning and mastery of Microsoft Flow” this is an advanced session aiming to cover a wide range of techniques and pointing out the pitfalls along these milestones.

The session is near the very end of the Flow Virtual Summit. So I hope you would join me live. (As of this post - the Flow Virtual Summit is on right now). If you want to catch the video on demand after the session, you will need to purchase an All Access Pass.

The review of milestones and roadmap is suitable for learning or navigating our learning along Microsoft Flow.

Affiliate Discount for Flow Virtual Summit All-Pass users

Flow Studio is affiliated with Flow Virtual Summit to offer an additional $20 off the first year of your subscription if you have an Flow Virtual Summit All Access Pass. So this is how it will work.

First year - US$80
Subsequent years - US$100

After July, where Flow Studio’s price increases to US$200

First year - US$180
Subsequent years - $200

So if you have purchased an Flow Virtual Summit All-Pass and is interested in purchasing a Flow Studio subscription - let me know!

Enjoy the show


100 Flow-jutsu of the FlowNinja


Upon reaching a numerical significant milestone of 100 FlowNinja flow-lifehacks. I wanted to review the full list and provide that list here for your glorious consumption during bedtime reading.

Some of them have additional detailed blog post, some of them have an detailed YouTube video - some of them have additional videos or blog posts from the community that added more details to the picture we are all painting together.

Some lifehacks are no longer needed, as Flow has gained that ability natively. Sometimes a connector has changed. Sometimes, I’ve rolled the feature into Flow Studio.

So this is a curated list of the lifehacks, the Flow-jutsu of the Flow Ninja. With small amounts of commentary like someone scribbling notes next to old hacks recalling the wisdom (or insanity) at the time.

Enjoy. Read a random one.

Let me know if there’s a specific Flow-lifehack that you liked but wanted a video or a full blog post. I can tell the blog rate is less than 10% of the tweetstorms. And there’s very little YouTube content of these as well. Both are situations I’d like to improve.

# Flow-jutsu URL
1. Wait until Fire Changed HTTP+Webhook https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/974544103336587268
SharePoint Technically when we have double triggers this will make more sense. Imagine every wehbook trigger can become an in-flow webhook action.
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/3/design-a-delay-until-sharepoint-file-changed-httpwebhook-for-microsoftflow
2. Convert PDF to DOCX via CloudConvert https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/978567033431375873
3. Path to Flow-zen https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/979391202146398209
4. Change SharePoint Permission via MSGraph https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/981232222886752256
MSGraph Now use Send HTTP To SharePoint
5. Flow to cancel self or other Flows https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/981870155864027136
Custom Connector Feature rolled into Flow Studio
6. Condition on Trigger https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/983303622501974022
Blog Serge Luca https://sergeluca.wordpress.com/2018/04/11/trigger-your-flow-only-when-a-document-is-created-from-a-specific-content-type/
7. Conditional IP Address on Trigger https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/983709086050009088
8. Approval API via custom connection https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/983727787746869249
Custom Connector Feature rolled into Flow Studio
9. Learn Select https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/986078352116076545
10. Two expressions https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/986770637401149441
11. Flow Governance https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/986796382198480899
12. Flow Editor two hacks https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/988957057234567170
13. No hack to celebrate Send HTTP to SharePoint https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/991679434817028097
14. Read Flow Connectors with Flow https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/992087115394514945
15. Meta Flow killing other Flows https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/992742309585301505
Custom Connector Feature rolled into Flow Studio
16. Make document set with slug https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/992767564253089792
17. Make Excel Chart from Graph https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/993483364253425664
18. Batch connector for Teams https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/996415365235159040
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/9/make-a-wishing-wand-why-we-need-a-microsoftflow-custom-connector-for-msgraph-batch
19. Copy DocumentSet files https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/996423332688883713
20. Flow Studio Kunai https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/999337159684325376
Flow Studio Flow Studio marked the beginning of my work to make the hacks I do usable by the power user via an easy to use app. Without Flow Studio - many of my hacks requires a developer to integrate.
21. Flow Studio duplicate https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/999409304384884736
22. Flow Studio Cancel all runs https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/999694426745139200
23. Flow to VSTS https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/999916443385843712
24. Flow Studio tags https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1000397356020350981
25. Save Flow to VSTS https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1000693670285209600
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/5/save-all-your-flows-to-vsts-via-http-rest-in-8-actions
26. Infinite Recursion of Fails https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1000894383099592704
27. Read O365 admin center messages https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1001050653752418305
28. Flow Studio filter by Trigger Type/Kind https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1001485562543394816
29. Multiple SharePoint subscriptions set up https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1002747531506245632
30. Trick the Flow Editor about Update Flow action https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1003621682924273664
31. Calling AzureFunction with webhook https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1003776181420736512
32. Resubmit multi-Flow Runs https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1004365335183540224
33. Send iCal https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1007041490642563074
34. Fast init const https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1007214566076366851
35. Use Flow to Site Design and Site Script https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1007657494099853313
36. World Cup from Flow https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1011173203916382208
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/6/how-to-get-live-fifa-worldcup-results-via-microsoft-flow-into-your-sharepoint-intranet
37. Watch twitter Followers https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1012012172694585349
38. Flow Studio middleware is Flow - github feedback https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1012155223136063488
39. Flow Studio run ID https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1012718772635856897
40. Retrieve 5K+ rows with paging https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1015121443921596416
41. Emojis are valid name https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1017190651245486085
42. RSS ideas https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1018669034571644928
43. Upload binary from PowerApps via Hacked Flow Button https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1022991595015000064
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/7/the-simplest-no-code-solution-to-save-pictures-files-from-powerapps-to-flow
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxJ6z3-qrrA
44. Filter string exercise https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1026440991291523072
45. Filter string Xpath translate() https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1026456982511702016
46. Turn on Forms Split On https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1028565758920421377
47. Coalesce() because expression editor broke https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1028998499818385409
48. Please tell my future self to do timesheets https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1032164950142119936
49. Use Flow to process thumbnails as datauri image https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1034127895415799809
50. Flow O365 Azure Event Grid https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1038389017098637312
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/9/from-office-365-to-event-grid-all-our-events-must-flow
51. Greasemonkey script for Flow Expression Editor https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1041000509677592577
The script required frequent update each time when Flow designer is changed. It is something I chose not to maintain overtime. Instead, I put my work into Flow Studio's UX which I can control 100%
52. Windows Timeline https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1043127835026542592
53. Make new Flows from definition https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1045601880687009792
54. Create SP shortcut links https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1048745194932162560
55. Large datasets in Excel - after this I advice using MSGraph to talk to Excel https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1048780585395613696
56. HTTP is not Request https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1051976806117646336
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/10/microsoft-flow-http-trigger-request-trigger-and-you-probably-dont-want-to-use-it
57. Hiding variables out of sight https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1054538605090095104
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/10/hiding-your-microsoft-flow-valuables-i-mean-variables-out-of-sight
58. Meta designer hack more space https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1055604626530201605
subsequent Flow designer update now uses Monaco editor for Output - Monaco editor does not resize easily when the output panel's height is auto'ed
59. HTML from Markdown https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1056680928880222208
60. Send email with wishing wand https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1058000420872699909
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/11/sending-email-with-inline-images-via-microsoftgraph-and-microsoftflow
61. Make Flow Button optional https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1058035361945837570
this is now native in the Flow button designer
62. Creating HTML format in custom definition https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1063359432115908608
63. Action tracked properties https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1066533813734371328
64. Custom actions idea https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1066868834575953920
65. Setting variable with value of itself https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1067444794471866368
66. Hack Flow Button arg into date https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1068837222743367681
this is now native in the Flow button designer
67. Sort in Flow https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1069950601935507457
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2018/12/how-to-implement-sort-with-microsoft-flow-in-3-actions-within-a-loop
68. EnsureSiteAssetLibrary https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1072632744495247365
69. Split On false https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1072887142018244608
70. Set like status https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1074217196551696384
71. Google sheet to google cal https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1075278120968572928
72. Fast string replacement with 2 select https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1080296618258194433
73. Use Parse JSON to check types https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1083200955074600961
74. Intersection vs filter array https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1083637928876593153
75. Link to current Flow Run https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1087360914406264832
76. MomentJS in Flow https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1090957263492153344
77. For Selected DocumentSet https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1095426221234520064
78. Use ValidateUpdateListItem https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1097445738483576833
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2019/2/flowninja-hack-78-modifying-modified-by-and-modified-time-with-microsoft-flow
79. ExcelRest https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1101635675063967745
80. Stop flow SharePoint self trigger with validateUpdateListItem https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1101689848891494400
81. Battleship Outlook Calendar https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1102532924883103744
82. Group BY CAML https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1103772032150384641
83. Date Projection and let me count the days https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1105392290074288128
84. DecodeUriComponent for new line https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1108481776102440960
85. Black art of calling internal API on swagger https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1109745736541888512
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwJto7zvfyk
86. For Each via CSV https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1110180968285921280
87. Upload File via Unused Outlook connector https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1115336767031468032
Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2019/4/flowninja-hack-87-lock-microsoft-flow-powerapps-trigger-to-upload-images-to-sharepoint-with-ease
YouTube Chaks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K78YUppinuQ
88. SharePoint modified only trigger https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1116856001385209856
89. Auto reply in Github when issue is closed https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1119237739969277952
90. Fix parallel blocks via Edit JSON https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1120698508388868096
91. A power user friendly method of connecting hundreds of sites, lists and libraries to a single Flow https://twitter.com/johnnliu/status/1121055884749053953
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Blog http://johnliu.net/blog/2019/5/workarounds-needed-to-use-the-excel-connector-in-microsoft-flow
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