SharePoint – InfoPath /cache clearall

So continuing my InfoPath self education.

  1. I publish a new version of the InfoPath form to the Forms Library
  2. I then create a new form based on this template
  3. In Browser – I see the new form
  4. In InfoPath – I see the old form

So it appears that InfoPath is caching the older version of my template and using that.

  • I clear the internet temporary files - didn't do it

A quick search lead me to this explanation:

And sure enough,

start –> run –> InfoPath /cache clearall

Indeed clears out my cache, and now when I create a new form from SharePoint it is using the latest template

What befuddles me is that Michael Yeager says that InfoPath should be checking the version automatically so I don’t understand why it wasn’t doing that.

Here’s another more user-friendly way of removing a form from cache

File –> Fill out a form…


You can also "Get update of this form" from this dialog.

SharePoint – InfoPath / Forms Library missing

Testing InfoPath, I try to do the simplest thing – publishing an InfoPath form to a SharePoint as a template, and allowing it to create a new library based on this template - I got this error:

The following computer running windows SharePoint Services does not contain the required InfoPath form template:
A generic form template will be used instead

Warning: This is very bad

You should not continue – because if you do…

  1. InfoPath will create a new Document Library instead of a Forms Library and deploy the InfoPath file as a template in this document library. 
  2. It will appear as if everything’s working – you can do New –> InfoPath Form (as a document), fill it out and save it back to the list.
  3. And when you want to update the template it will complain that the default document isn’t based on a Form template.

    InfoPath failed to publish because the default content type in the document library is not based on the Form content type
  4. You got confused – you went to check the Library and sure enough it says the default content type is a Document
  5. You add a Form content type, and switch it over as the default content type… only to discover SharePoint now publishes two different sets of columns in this list – one set for Forms, another set for Documents.
  6. And it doesn’t appear as if the second publish worked…  I think this may be a different problem – because if I view as web page I see the new updated template


Instead, back out right now – delete that list in SharePoint and start over…  By the way… where’s – hmm where’s my Forms Library?


Went to site settings and activated:

  • Site Collection Features –> Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features
  • Site Features –> Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features

No good, still no forms library.

More stumbling around, finally figured it out – I need to activate:

  • Site Features –> Team Collaboration Lists

Personally I didn’t think this was obvious – but I did know Forms Library is part of WSS…  so may be it made some sense.


Now go back to InfoPath again and try to publish.