Flow Studio

Flow Studio is an application that connects to your Microsoft Flow and extends that experience

It is designed to add features that will assist both Makers and Admins in using Microsoft Flow


Additional Navigation, Visibility

Flow Studio help a Maker navigate their Flows

  • allowing sort, filter in many fields.
  • Sorting includes by Last Run, or by Run Count.  These improves a maker's awareness of what's running in their Flow environment.
  • Jumping into that Flow or that Flow Run takes a maker right into their Flow.

Some future updates ideas:

  • custom tags for filtering
  • trigger/action connectors for filtering
  • saved 'views' for custom filters and sort

Additional Power, Convenience for Makers

Some future updates ideas:

  • features to insert snippets
  • combine existing Flows
  • simple backup to allow you to undo and rollback to an earlier version
  • alerts when it detects a mistake in a common pattern

Additional Bird's Eye View, Ease of Mind for Admins

Some future updates ideas:

  • focus on Runs - view environment by aggregated runs
  • export of run details, including available output steps
  • visibility into all Flows running inside a tenant's environments
  • additional triggers when Flow Studio detects there are new Flows or new Failed Runs - so you can decide what to do
  • turn off Flows that exceeds a quota
  • report on Connectors used by a Flow
  • manage Flows by deactivating them as a group, or moving them between environments
  • report on orphaned Flows whose owner may have left the company


Sign up and Feedback

This tool is in private alpha.  We look forward to your feedback.

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