Hype Level Insane - #FutureOfSharePoint

I wrote this as an email to colleagues.  But it got so long and exciting with pictures I decided to publish it.  There are no spoilers and I don't know any secrets.



#FutureOfSharePoint event is a keynote follow by sessions

There are more sessions after the keynote by Jeff Teper on whatever they will announce, so if you are a SharePoint guy you might be up for a looooonnnnng day.

Venue setup.  Small invite only place.


A lot of SharePoint MVPs have invitations to be physically at the event – there’s a significant gathering of them.  Perhaps Microsoft will consider giving our SharePoint MVP titles back 😉  Office Server and Services is nice.  But being a SharePoint MVP was special.

A group of SharePoint MVPs.  A murder of SharePoint MVPs?

There are times I really think about moving to America.  This is one of those times.


Australian Timezone

I’m debating whether to sleep really early and wake up at 2am.  Or just read it tomorrow – I’m pretty sure there will be Sway, liveblog, twitter coverage #FutureofSharePoint, yamjams and a number of MVP impression videos after the event.

I do hope the event will be broadcasted via Skype-broadcast.  Eat your own dogfood Team Office.

Next week Collab365 is broadcasting from MS HQ.  I hope they are setting up with MS and will utilize Skype to run their online conference.  In the past years we have used YouTube.

There is a PowerBI livequery dashboard set up with MS’s new Microsoft Flow



SharePoint Can't Be "Dead"

Reading the tea-leaf from what’s public:  To people that says “SharePoint is dead”...

Jeff Teper would not have returned to this role and be “Corporate Vice President of OneDrive and SharePoint” only to tell the world SharePoint is dead.

MS would not invite 20+ SharePoint MVPs to a physical event to tell the world SharePoint is dead.

My expectation is that the news will be really positive.  But my personal hype level is already far too high.


Key MS people to follow:

https://twitter.com/jeffteper  Father of SharePoint, Corporate VP.




https://twitter.com/danholme   Founder of IT Unity and MVP, recently joining Microsoft to continue Office evangelism. 


This rant is already too long and with pictures I might make this a blog post.  But no guesses from me.  Things will either get released with much fanfare, or they won’t.  😊

AU Digital Workplace Conference - loving SharePoint and community

I had a wonderful time in Melbourne at the Digital Workplace Conference, hosted by Debbie Ireland and Mark Rhodes.  A big thank you and congratulations for your twentieth event!

And several international SharePoint superstars: Joel, Michael, Marc Anderson and Laura Rogers and lots of local SharePoint and Office 365 experts.  Aside from the local Melbourne crowd, there were many from Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.  It was great to chat with you all.

On my presentation

I had one apology, I really didn't plan the "title" of my session well.  The talk I pitched was a "Office Add-Ins may seem irrelevant to the SharePoint Developer, but actually, it isn't.  Here's how you can upskill."

This was a talk about upskilling, building on little steps and having solid foundations for each step before bravely taking the next step.

Instead, the title of the talk "Bravely take your skills to the next level: Office Add-ins" gave a slightly wrong message.  I shall rename the topic:

"Bravely take steps to skill up to your next level - from SharePoint to Office Add-ins"

Here's the presentation

Download Bravely

SharePoint Events and news catch up for Australia - April/May 2016

I was preparing this list for our April Sydney SharePoint Usergroup event.

April 28-29 Digital Workplace Conference in Melbourne


This is the annual Australian SharePoint Conference / ShareThePoint Conference by Debbie Ireland.  The biggest Australian SharePoint show for the year.  A lot of opportunity for networking, user cases and physically meeting and talking with the community experts.  Lots of Australian and overseas visiting SharePoint experts across the spectrum (IT Pro, Business, Power User, Dev) at this event.  http://dwcau.com.au/  


April 28-29 Cloud Roadshow in Sydney

This is a Microsoft event for a developer audience.  Focused on Azure.



May the 4th - Future of SharePoint

This is an streaming online event with Jeff Teper, the father of SharePoint (and now OneDrive).  It would be live on May the 5th for Australians and probably very early in the morning.  Check timezones.



May 7 Office 365 Saturday Perth

The SharePoint / Office 365 Saturday events for 2016 kicks off again from Perth.



May 10-12 Collab365 Online Summit

The SP24 / Collab 365 guys are back again for 2016 with a huge lineup of streaming and recorded sessions.



OneDrive for Business

There was a recent blog post was really good with information on 2016 roadmap.


(Ignore the marketing intro about industry recognition… the roadmap items like Win 8.1, pause sync, and also Doc Lib sync in 3rd quarter 2016 is good info)


New Document Library UX went live


Almost universally, the reception is cautious.  We like seeing updates.  We don't like missing ribbons and hiding team collaboration features.  Robert Crane has one of the earliest pieces on this http://blog.ciaops.com/2016/04/this-seems-like-siloing-to-me.html that I really echo with.

UserCustomAction-ConfigPage adding CSS file links

I've had several questions in comments about how to add CSS files using the Simplest-Safest-Most-Future-Proof-Way to customize your SharePoint and SharePoint Online using UserCustomActionConfigPage

This is something I wanted to talk about from day 1 of this series - as I did cover you can add more than 1 CSS files, and specify their ranking via the Sequence number.

Because UserCustomAction doesn't create a link for CSS references, the way to do this is via the ScriptBlock and create a LINK element and attach it on page creation.

How to use this?

Grab the latest configure-page.aspx from Github.

Reference a CSS file instead of a JS file.  The ID is optional, but will be respected if specified.

The Sequence is honoured - 1001 will follow 1000.

Result - the CSS reference is loaded into the page.

Happy branding!

SP2013/2016 Responsive-UI and UserCustomActionsConfigPage

I just pushed an update to my Simplest-Safest-Most-Future-Proof-Way to customize your SharePoint and SharePoint Online using UserCustomActionsConfigPage (UCACP) github repo.  This is an important update because of a BIG thing that has just happened over at PnP side.

The PnP team has just released a SP2013/2016 Responsive UI pack

I jumped in a had a read, it uses the ScripLink way to attach a single javascript file, the file then looks for script id="PnPResponsiveUI"  element on the page, and attaches a CSS file.

My single page UserCustomActionsConfigPage does very similar things, except I use the ScriptSrc element in a UserCustomAction and that doesn't set the Script ID.

So this update to UserCustomActionConfigPage adds an additional textbox.  You can leave it blank.  But if you specify an ID, it will use ScriptBlock instead to insert the UserCustomAction.

New ID field

Installing 2013/2016 Responsive-UI pack with UCACP:

Copy three files into your Site Assets.   NOTE some browsers will save github files as HTML (because Github doesn't want to serve the files so it tells browsers these are HTML) - please double check the files are saved correctly as raw CSS or JS.



ID: PnPResponsiveUI
Url: SiteAssets/PnP-Responsive-UI.js

Usually, you can leave the ID blank.  But PnP-Responsive-UI.js needs it to be PnPResponsiveUI

Install to Current Web.  The Site User Custom Actions list should reflect there is now a SiteAssets/PnP-Responsive-UI.js inserted.  There is no ScriptSrc, because it is inserted via ScriptBlock.

The ScriptBlock is inserted using a Script tag attached to the head element.  This is identical to how PnP is doing it via PowerShell

One note - also, switch off your Mobile View feature.

What does it look like?

The Debugger shows both CSS and JS are injected correctly.  Note, I'm injecting from my own SiteAssets library.  PnP creates a folder under Style Library.

See the Responsive-UI in action with the Hamburger menus.

PnP PowerShell Installation

I want to reference drisgill's post on this Responsive-UI http://blog.drisgill.com/2016/03/a-look-at-the-pnp-responsive-ui-package-for-sharepoint-on-premises.html

He talks about the first impressions of the Responsive-UI, as well as a detailed section on how to install the Responsive-UI via PowerShell (as prescribed by PnP tools).

Installation with PowerShell is fine and dandy, but it assumes you are some sort of master magician.  Multiple downloads, and a dependency on 2015-CU.  (Which BTW you should have installed already).

I consider the PowerShell install perhaps a bit daunting and a barrier for people to try this customization on their site.

The UCACP way is 3 files.

Customization with the User Custom Actions is magical.  But we can leave out the PowerShell here this time :-)

Uninstall Responsive-UI Pack

And the Document Library view is back to normal.

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