SharePoint – InfoPath /cache clearall

So continuing my InfoPath self education.

  1. I publish a new version of the InfoPath form to the Forms Library
  2. I then create a new form based on this template
  3. In Browser – I see the new form
  4. In InfoPath – I see the old form

So it appears that InfoPath is caching the older version of my template and using that.

  • I clear the internet temporary files - didn't do it

A quick search lead me to this explanation:

And sure enough,

start –> run –> InfoPath /cache clearall

Indeed clears out my cache, and now when I create a new form from SharePoint it is using the latest template

What befuddles me is that Michael Yeager says that InfoPath should be checking the version automatically so I don’t understand why it wasn’t doing that.

Here’s another more user-friendly way of removing a form from cache

File –> Fill out a form…


You can also "Get update of this form" from this dialog.