Why is Gollum on your Twitter Background?

I have a particular picture for my Twitter https://twitter.com/johnnliu Background for a while. 
It is a picture with many interpretations.

Because it is LEGO.   I grew up with LEGO.  My kids have inherited my LEGO.  I buy LEGO on a regular basis.

Because it is LOTR.  I grew up with Fantasy Books.  Tokien.  Robert Jordan.  Steve Jackson.  Terry Prachett.  Robin Hobb.  JK Rowling.

Because it is a social comment on the lawsuits.  That today's toy box needs a label that says "Boat does not float"

Because it is a play on words.  Re-peat after me: Riddles for the Ring; Boat does not float.

Because it is narrative.  Ultimately, Gollum is frustrated that his boat is sinking and he can't reach the One Ring.


It is a picture I took at a toy store while looking at the latest LEGO boxes.  And it is a picture that had meanings and more meanings. 

You can also interpret it as a client meeting or coding scenario where I sometimes feel like Gollum. 

Curses!  The Ring was just within my grasp!

And you would be right as well.


I'll leave you with a Converse of the lawsuits theory.  This Boat, which I bought for my daughter, does Float.

I live in the most Interesting of Times.  We can observe the World while always making comments and it fascinates me.