Nintex Work Inspired Breakfast Seminar - Sydney

I'm now a Nintex vTE (Virtual Technical Evangelist).  Continuing my company SharePoint Gurus' strong partnership with Nintex.

I had the pleasure of presenting Nintex Tips at the Work Inspired Breakfast Seminars - Sydney event on May 15.

As I wasn't sure of the audience, I decided to cover the simple Nintex workflow scenarios and diving deeper into the complex - developer minded (heavy API stuff) at the end.

  • Site Workflows
  • Scheduled Workflow
  • Iterating through Query SQL
  • Recursive CAML Query
  • Regex Options in the Regular Expression Action
  • XSLT to clean up complex XML namespaces
  • And finally, pre-caching json queries in Javascript based applications (great for javascript charts that needs lots of data)

It was quite interesting that the Nintex Breakfast is targeted at existing Nintex customers and really just show casing what they can do with tools they have already got.  So there was no hard sell - just "you can already do this".  There was a bit of discussion from the tables regarding various techniques and tricks.

Timing wise, some were able to stay to end (developers) for the last few demos while many had to go after 9:30am.  Still a great experience and will look forward to more of these events in the future.

I've previously worked with Dan Stoll and he's always a great show.