Nintex Workflow - Lazy Checkin Everything Workflow

Doing quite a bit of client-side JavaScript (AngularJS in fact) and checking in and out lots of files that sit within Style Library.  At the end of the day, I just want something that will go through everything and check them all in for me.

Nintex Workflow time

  • Query List of items still checked out to me
  • Loop through list
  • Check-in
  • Bonus: Run-As-John

Query List

Create a Site Workflow, add a Query List action then set the filter.  Collect "URL Path" and "Checked Out To" fields to separate collection variables.

Important: Make sure you tick Recursive

Hit Run Now.
I want to change this part of the Query to Current User.

<FieldRef Name="CheckoutUser" />
<Value Type="Integer"><UserID Type="Integer" /></Value>

Hit the Execute button - looking good. 

Return to Configure Action.  Make the same change to the CAML query.

Loop and Check-In

Wrap up the rest of the Workflow.  After the Query List, set up a For Each action and loop through each URL in the URL Collection.

For each URL, run the Check in item Action.  Set it to check in by URL.

Insert Witty Comment.  Log an entry to History list for testing.

Laziness Complete

And done.  Workflow runs, John's files are checked in.

Bonus: Run-As-John

Sometimes, you might want to let a colleague check in your files on your behalf.  Nintex let you set up workflow within an Action Set to run as the Workflow Owner.


  • Now Everyone can check in all John's Mess!
  • Put this on a weekly schedule.