Enabling LastPass bookmarklet with Microsoft Edge

One of the problems of Microsoft's Edge browser not supporting Extensions right now is that password management with tools like LastPass can be quite difficult.

Here is a workaround with LastPass via Bookmarklets

You need the help of another browser - either IE or Chrome. 
Because Edge doesn't currently have a way to create/modify bookmarklets

1. In IE/Chrome.  Login to your LastPass https://lastpass.com/index.php?ac=1

2. Browser down Tools > Bookmarklet


 3. In IE/Chrome.  Drag LastPass Fill! Into the Favourites Bar (IE) or Bookmark Bar (Chrome)
 4. In Edge, go to Settings > Show the favorites bar > On
 5. Import from another browser - choose either IE or Chrome
 6. In Edge.  Once import is complete, drag the bookmarklet into the Favourite Bar.  I also deleted other favourites that I didn't need from the import.

7. You now have a Lastpass bookmarklet!



This works for Twitter and Reddit

I also hope as Favourites gets synchronized across Universal Windows Devices - this should work on Xbox One and Windows Mobile 10 as well.