2015 Xbox One Black Friday Edition


Best Console Deals


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle (that's 4 games) 
Fallout 4 (and Fallout 3 code next week) (that's 2 more games)
+extra controller
think this one is completely sold out.


Both Tomb Raiders.  (2 games)
Extra controller. 
1 TB HD (standard is 500 GB).

Xbox Live Gold

Buy 1 month for $1 from within the console.  Then buy 12 month for ~$30 via CDKeys.  Don't buy Xbox Live Gold monthly at $10/month. 

Gold is necessary for online play and you get up to 4 free games per month.  You need to go buy Xbox Live Gold.

EA Access

If you like EA's many games: Dragon Age, Battlefield, Titanfall, PvZ, Need for Speed, and their endless line of sports games.  Then pop down $30/year for EA Access all-you-can-eat pass.



Multiple special controllers on sale.

Hard Drive

Standard console comes with 500GB.  This is not enough.  But Xbox One can use up to two more external harddrives at once.  I prefer 2TB Western Digital or Seagate portable harddrives - they can draw power from the XB1 directly and you don't need an extra plug.  Because of XB1's Hyper-V setup, external HD actually runs faster than internal HD.  These are regularly around US$65 and dropping.


I buy Digital. 

There's extra discounts if you are an Xbox Live Gold member, which is $1 for this month.

Kinect, TV Tuner

If you are on the edge about whether you need these, pass.  They have their place and I love them, but Black Friday is about awesome deals and you can skip these.