SharePoint Saturday Brisbane 02-June-2012

In little more than 3 more days, we'll be meeting up again in SharePoint Saturday Brisbane! 

I'll be presenting again on the Developer track on how to build custom webservices within SharePoint, and consuming them using JavaScript AJAX. 

On the side, I've been having a lot of fun with KnockoutJS, Client Object Model, REST and even building a Single Page Application for SharePoint on codeplex. 

There's a bunch of InfoPath people and solutions that I'd love to meet and see again.

Overall, I'm looking forward to meeting all the SharePoint people up in Brisvegas and geeking out for a whole day!

There are some talks of having a dedicated time where we can answer lots of questions from the attendees - so if you have any curly problems within your SharePoint, bring your question along and we'll try to help out.

One final reminder:

02 June 2012.  Register