SharePoint – thoughts on had a face lift.  I decided to go have a quick look and make some comments.

Nice bits

  • The site looks cleaner
  • It is running on SharePoint
  • Sign-in is tied with Windows Live (passport)

Horrible bits

  • View Source was horrifying – I had hoped it may be running on SharePoint 2010 – but it looks like it’s still MOSS 2007
    • Big viewstate
    • Big initialize data for SilverLight
    • These are all things I’d hope to see disappear when we finally see SharePoint 2010…  I guess I’ll have to keep waiting.


  • Great HTML comment in the footer of the page:
  • <!---

    Developed by Celina Moser Baginski

    For questions and/or comments, please email me at

    [email protected]


  • Given that this is on every page – I assume it’s on the master
  • I can’t fine Celina Moser Baginski when I went to browse around though.  Makes me wonder – if you don’t talk about your employees on your company’s own site, why would you let them put their email addresses directly into the master page of your client’s site?