SharePoint – how do you stay on top of all this stuff?

SharePoint is a big product – and getting bigger.

People have wondered – how do you stay on top of all the new developments?

This is one trick I’ve found via Twitter – works relatively well.

  1. You will of course need a twitter account
  2. Go to the twitter search page and look for users.  Find “sharepoint”
  3. You will see a bunch that comes up on top – sorted by # of followers:
    • sharepointbuzz is crazy – as far as I can tell – this re-twits anything anyone says about #sharepoint (that’s useful).  I followed for a bit and decided that was too much reading.
    • SharePointMVPs is a good one – basically this one twits whenever one of the SharePoint MVPs writes a new blog (or white paper) – HIGHLY recommended
    • SharePoint is the MS official one – not necessary if you are already following the SharePoint team blog RSS
  4. Read twitter on the go – in your iPhone or BlackBerry or Windows Mobile
  5. If you see a topic that’s interesting, flag it with “favourites”
  6. Review your twitter favourites a couple times a week.


Stay on top of all the up to date #SharePoint news

Anyone has a good tip about how to catch up on the old stuff between 2007 – 2009 let me know…