Dell laptops in 8 colours

Nooooo they look so pretty.

I need to get another Dell Inspiron soon.

Last year I bought a DELL inspiron laptop, I had some initial problem with its LCD, but once I could convince the girl on the support line that there REALLY is a problem, and have them send a technician out to me, it was replaced quite quickly (and noisily - the whole office came around to see what's the screwing noise).

The repair tech told me that he's familiar with the issue and he's done a few similar repairs already (I wish the call centre could be a bit in touch with known problems with their hardware).

Anyway, ever since it was repaired I've had ZERO issues with my DELL (and I program, play WoW pretty much everyday on the thing).  I love it and I'm definitely going to get a DELL again.  (In fact I recommended my brother to get a DELL laptop last year and he did).

Now the choice of getting the perfect DELL laptop just got harder.  8 colours.  Damn...


I wish it'd be easier to blog something about DELL.  Hello Dell are you listening?

Where's the DIGG/BLOG this button?

May be it's over in the Direct2Dell area