13 March 2007

I think I'm in love.  It came across to me that I would benefit from having a private wiki (I often use one of the free .NET wiki packages anyway).  Furthermore, in the corporate environment where I can't rely on having a web server setup, it would be beneficial to run the private wiki as a stand-alone app, with sync abilities to update to a hosted wiki later.

A bit of googling, I went from "pocket wiki" to "personal wiki" and landed me with this TiddlyWiki.  I can't believe it, the entire app is in one html page, and is only 200kbs.  Truly a work of art.

Tonight I'm going to look for a sync program to update blog / hosted wikis.  I'm probably going to have to find my USB stick as well so that I can carry this with me anywhere.

I wonder if this can be run off a smartphone.  Then I can carry my personal wiki with me on my mobile phone.  That'd be something.