Oh well, so much for my own blog...

There's pros and cons to everything.  I own a static IP address.  This is a good thing.  It allows me to use a really old Pentium 2 computer to run my own webserver.  Then I can do whatever I want on this webserver, and I can host my own domain on it.

The bad...  Well, the problem of hosting your own web server is that you need to devote time to maintain it.  Not to mention from the barrage of viruses and hackers (more like script-kiddies) out there ready to hack your poor IIS to pieces.  Further more, when you move home and use a different ISP, suddenly you find that it's pretty complicated to keep running a webserver in my parent's home which has an static IP address but no man-power to handle it.


I decided to take the machine offline.  So for now, johnliu.net will lead to NOWHERE...  
I still have all my blogs and wiki and dotnetnuke contents.  Just need to work out what's the next step.
Do I do it all again with another static ip address?  Do I just give up and get it hosted somewhere else?  Questions and questions.