Migrating from Windows Live Spaces to SquareSpace - outline

This is going to be a series of blogs, and hopefully release source code for getting your blog out of Windows Live Spaces.  I want to split this into two major sections, and then have a few trailing articles discussing the differences and things as I encounter them.


First Half: Export your blog data out of Windows Live Spaces

  • No export option
  • MetaBlogAPI – documented on MSDN
  • Export to some sort of format: XML?  MoveableType?
  • Cleaning the data
  • Exporting comments?

Second Half: Import your blog data into SquareSpace

  • Using a format that SquareSpace understands
  • Unhappiness with documentation – regarding DYI imports
  • Imported Blogs go under a new journal
  • Migrating content between journals

Extended Time:

  • Release code
  • Gotchas
  • Data cleaning
  • Pictures

What am I looking for in SquareSpace

Going to spend this next week seriously giving SquareSpace a twirl.  I'm looking for:
  • Easy maintenance
  • Import from spaces.live.com without doing something really stupid
  • Better traffic tracking - compared to Windows Live probably anything is better
  • Comments with OpenID


Maintenance - I seem to be able to make the changes I wanted - looking for info in the FAQ / forum is awful though.

From Windows Live Spaces to SquareSpace - ended up writing my own MetaBlogAPI export for Live Spaces to MoveableType txt format, then get squarespace to import it.  Again the help dialog is bad and it wasn't clear why things weren't working - have to go back to import page to see the error.

Traffice tracking - I know it was better already

No comments with OpenID - I think in this generation if you have to force someone to create an account in your particular blogging system just to comment - there's something wrong about it.