Test yourself. A MicrosoftFlow Expressions Quiz!

I had an idea a while ago that a Quiz built with Microsoft Form would be a great way to learn and improve our knowledge of Microsoft Flow expressions.  For a long time there was just two questions on date time expressions.

I saw some entries since my previous post, and this sunny Saturday morning I decided to add more questions and ramp it up to 10.


So, test yourself! The test is completely anonymous, and it gets really hard at the end, so I suggest unless you are PhD #DoctorFlow - treat this as an open book quiz. 



The Quiz


Special thanks to many of the early testers (Paul CulmseeFaustoPieterSandy UssiaDaniel Christian) that gave me a lot of feedback - I try to put in lots of comments regarding why a certain answer isn't correct, and clarify what I mean in many of the questions with examples of the result we wanted.

I'll leave this up indefinitely - use it to test your knowledge, and/or use it as a learning tool for some of the examples.