Speaking at Digital Workplace Conference Australia 2017

I'll be speaking at the Digital Workplace Conference Australia!  23-24 August in Sydney.


This is a conference that's near and dear to me - and I've had several opportunities in the past to present at this conference, where I covered Silverlight, JavaScript, TypeScript, Modern Office App-ins and now this year - I plan to present a supercharged talk on running Serverless with Office 365.

Parts of the talk - especially how to get started - may seem familiar to many of you that has started down this journey. 

I wanted to focus a bit less on the technical, and more about how this has changed people. 

Azure Functions democratized 'I need to run a bit of code' to everyone.  Suddenly, the cloud is not this scary place where there are a hundred things we don't know, and don't know where to start.  Suddenly, the toys that seems far out of reach are ours.  Suddenly, a cloud subscription that costs less than a coffee per month is something I don't even think about.

To me, that is the power of AzureFunctions and why Serverless is a game changer. 

Do you know there are now brand new categories of design patterns specifically rewritten for the Serverless world.

I will of course still cover the technical bits - but to see all 20+ demos I have with me, you'll have to come find me in the speaker area for a personal demo :-)

In Digital Workplace Conference 2017, I want to talk about Serverless.

And I want to talk about humans.  Us.

I think the future will be amazing.  I hope to see you at the DWC Australia.  Come and grab me and say hello!