PhantomJS for SharePoint and Office365 at Collab365

Great news everyone!

Collab 365 Global Conference

Collab 365 is a free online conference that's just around the corner - this is run by the team behind last year's successful SP24 conference (which was the craziest 24hours - around the clock and around the world).

This time, the guys are less crazy and will instead have 12hours spanning over two days.  (So a total of 24 hours).

PhantomJS: Headless Browser for SharePoint and Office 365

I have been having a lot of fun locally presenting this topic in the Office 365 Saturday events around Australia, and will be presenting this online at Collab 365. 

My session is scheduled for 08 October (day 1 - my time), 12PM-1PM.  Please check your local time.  In Australia, this conference spans 08-09 October.

PhantomJS is an interesting tool.  It is free - and it is basically browser that you can script to automate many things, without a UI.  I cover scenarios and scripts that will allow you to use it effectively with SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365.

If you are a developer - this is a great tool to add to your toolset.  Even if you aren't - as long as you aren't scared of a bit of scripting, you will still find the scenarios for PhantomJS interesting and, well, different.

There are several other sessions I wanted to catch up on, and plenty of MVPs and Microsoft presenting on all things Office 365. 

I hope to see you at Collab 365!