PhantomJS and Office 365 Brisbane

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip up to Brisbane.  I got to see some friends, saw my sister and presented PhantomJS with SharePoint and SharePoint Online.


The response was tremendous, those that came to my session seems really interested and gave me more ideas for future discussions. 

The presentation and demo are here

The new business case scenarios:

  • Automated Smoke Testing of sites - randomly check pages and DOM exist - "nothing has so far blown up"
  • Smoke Testing of sites with different credentials!
  • Scanning and scrapping text off dynamic (Single Page Application) pages and feed them to SharePoint's Search Indexing Service.  Thus, you can have textual search linking back to dynamic URLs.

I also really enjoyed Elaine's session on SharePoint 2016.

The next Office 365 Saturday in Australia will be in Melbourne.  The registration is up here: