Wrap up: SharePoint Saturday Adelaide and Brisbane


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Tomás Lázaro@tomzalt May 22 The book Javascript Ninja has a Samurai on the cover. That happens because JS is not strongly typed.

This is a Post-Event update post.


In Adelaide, I went at a good pace and gone through the TypeScript example, demos but had very little time remaining for discussions or questions.

The main feedback I got was perhaps there was too much time (still!) given to JavaScript and we can all spend more time in TypeScript and the demos.  Also, there was questions regarding deployment.



In Brisbane, I trimmed the JavaScript discussion but added a silly demo that got people laughing.  But possibly still ate my time.  I was not able to go through the sections on adding TypeScript to your existing JavaScript.  But I was able to cover the deployment scenarios for SharePoint 2010 and 2007.


Working with SP 2007

  • Editing:
    • Use Content Editor webpart and point to a HTML file, which then references a JavaScript file generated from TypeScript.
    • Use VS.NET 2012/2013 with WebDAV
  • Deploying:
    • Package as farm solution web part
    • Include map file to debug in IE12 / Chrome.

Working with SP 2010

  • Editing
    • You can use Content Editor as above
    • You can build VS.NET farm or sandbox solutions and use TypeScript directly
  • Deploying
    • Use Sandbox solution to deploy a sandbox webpart
    • Reference a JavaScript file generated from TypeScript
    • Package as sandbox solution

Deployment – SP 2013 / Office 365

  • Using App for SharePoint to deploy an App Part
  • Do not create code behind. Reference JavaScript file generated from TypeScript
  • Configure App permissions
  • Package as SharePoint “App”
  • When deploying – grant permissions to App


Download Links:


If you are using TypeScript in your environment, let me know and tell me how it is going for you.