SharePoint Saturdays in Australia

I wanted write about two things.  I still wanted to do a summary of SharePoint Saturday Adelaide 2014, but I will have to do that later, perhaps combine my thoughts after Brisbane.  Right now, I wanted to talk about the upcoming SharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2014, as well as SharePoint events in general in Australia.


SharePoint Brisbane is May 31st

Will be upon us very soon in two weeks.  There’s a strong call for additional local speakers.  If you are in Brisbane – you really should consider presenting a topic.  It can be a simple topic.  If you feel you don’t have enough content, prepare for 30-40 minutes, and let your audience ask questions.  You’ll be surprised how quick a session is.


Attending a SharePoint Saturday

There are several great reasons to attend a SharePoint Saturday event:

  • SharePoint Saturday events are free.  We will bribe you with food.  Additionally, there’s usually good sponsor prizes.
  • You get to hear from your local knowledgeable SharePoint people, on a variety of topics that you can choose.  Sure, you can see them in the monthly user groups, but you don’t always get to choose the topic that’s presented at the user group.  SharePoint Saturday offers that choice.
  • You get to network with your local SharePoint people.
  • We understand and are thankful that you are sacrificing one day of your precious weekend to attend a training event.  Please don’t feel bad at all if you need to leave early, or can only visit for an hour after lunch.  It is still great to see you, so nice of you to make the trip.


Presenting at a SharePoint Saturday

Because there is a larger set of available spots in a SharePoint Saturday event.  There is a lot more room for local speakers to present. 

  • Have you done a particularly cool project and want to talk about it? 
  • Have you did a presentation in your company that you want to test with a wider audience? 
  • Sure, not everyone will agree with your particular approach.  But that’s the best thing about SharePoint – there’s always more than one way to do things.  You way is superior already because you get the stage to explain it to your audience!
  • The perfect springboard to learn what you preach.  It is true.  The best way you learn is if you can teach someone else.  I personally learned so much from talking about what I’m doing.  I stop and write this blog, because it helps me document and digest what I’m doing.  I write an event summary, because it wraps up my thoughts, preparation and the aftermath.
  • The person that benefits the most from a SharePoint Saturday event, is the presenter.


Whether attending or presenting, I hope to see you at SharePoint Saturday in Brisbane, or in a SharePoint Saturday event in your city soon!