SharePoint Saturday Melbourne 2013

It's that time again!  I'm down in Melbourne for SharePoint Saturday later today on July 27. 

I'm presenting TypeScript and SharePoint, with updated notes as I have been working with TypeScript since Feburary.  It's been just awesome.

The SharePoint Saturday version of the presentation will be more developer focused, and I'm hoping my audience will come with their dev hat on and ready to play with JavaScript and TypeScript.

I'll update this post later to include the download files for the presentation.

See you at SharePoint Saturday.  Early night and early morning for me later.




Again, I had a lot of fun in Melbourne, had a lot of fun discussions and talked to a number of you guys about TypeScript in the real world.  Drop me a line as you start to play with TypeScript in your own environment.

Happy Birthday shout out to Elaine van Bergen!