SharePoint Single Page Application day 4

Did a bit of clean up and finally I've got what I can call the first awesome screen shot.

This is a Single Page Application deployed to SharePoint, and talks to SharePoint via the Client Object Model as well as the REST interface.

The page does not Postback.  It always talk to SharePoint via AJAX.


So far:

  • Package 1 ASPX page in a solution package
  • Reference jQuery, Knockout
  • Layout using Twitter's Bootstrap
  • Grabs lists via Client Object Model
  • Grabs list items via REST interface
  • The darn thing is beautiful


To come next:

  • CRUD for list items
  • Document download
    • Document upload?
  • List paging
  • Use different icons for lists and document libraries on left navigation
  • A favicon
  • An actual Title for the page
  • Site navigation (this will do post back - since we'll be navigating between say http://server/ to http://server/publishing/ ).
  • Quick search / filter
  • An interesting picture thumb-nail viewer


Check it out on and let me know what you think!