InfoPath, custom WCF Service, Word and Open XML SDK (outline)

This upcoming series of articles promise to be far more exciting than the title.


How do you use an InfoPath form document to populate a word document with content controls. 



  1. Building a Word document template with Content Control place holders
  2. Use Content Control toolkit to bind values to place holders in the template to an embedded custom XML (hey, isn't an InfoPath document an XML file?)
  3. Creating a WCF service to take a Word template document, and replace the custom XML, by the power of Open XML SDK (2.0, of course).
  4. Invoking the WCF service from within an InfoPath document to generate a word template version of itself!
  5. Finally, a bit of discussion on where Word Automation services fits in the bigger picture, as well as thoughts on best practices.

Drop a comment below if you have any specific questions relating to these steps.  Specifically, if you can think of a far better title for this series.

Otherwise, stay tuned!  :-)