Re: Sorry dad, you'll understand, someday

This is a quick blog post, in response to Zac Gorman's excellent Magical Game Time comic.

As you play through the game Earthbound as the kid protagonist Ness, your phone would ring every few hours, and your dad would ask you if you'd like to take a break.  If you say Yes, it'd save the game and switch it off.

The comic cleverly replies as Ness: I'll stop when I've saved the world and fallen in love.  (Sorry dad, you'll understand someday).


My boy is still three, he doesn't understand about saving the world, or falling in love, yet.  I'm sure he will soon.  And here'd be my response to him:

  • All dads were boys once.
    We already understood.
  • So off you go, save the world.
    Go and fall in love with your girl.
  • You do what you have to do.
    This is your time, we don't expect you to hold back, or stay at home.
  • When you are tired from saving the world, stop by and have some hot chocolate and ice cream.
    We will always be your biggest fan.


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