Creating Knockout User Experiences in SharePoint with JavaScript and REST services


Sydney SharePoint user group is 21st of February.  Where I'll be presenting Knockout, AJAX and REST services.


To many of us web/SharePoint developers, discovering jQuery made us love JavaScript again. Finally, here was a JavaScript library that made sense. It made everything a thousand times easier. Within years, jQuery had become the ubiquitous hammer in everyone's tool belt.

On the server side, SharePoint shipped with a complex Client Object model, REST services, and it is incredibly easy and flexible to build your own web services and use them in your solutions.  Even for SharePoint 2007, SPServices has made huge improvements in bridging how you can talk to the server.

There is one final piece of the puzzle: how do we easily fit data that we've obtained from the server back into the web UI seamlessly? What if there's a way to do data binding, MVC/MVVM style, and leave both the object and the UI robust and free of spaghetti code?

Knockout solves one of the most difficult remaining problem in creating complex business solutions entirely using JavaScript.  If you thought jQuery alone is awesome.  Discovering Knockout is like finding another beautiful library like jQuery all over again!

In this session, John will demonstrate how to build a fairly complex system using Knockout and jQuery.  As well as show examples of some of the systems that he's been building and the flexibility you can easily achieve with Knockout.

So bring your developer hats and be prepared to enjoy an evening of new exciting techniques!  Don't be afraid to ask questions too!

Teaser Picture


Figure: this is your SharePoint task list, but supporting drag and drop!


See you at the Sydney SharePoint user group.