SPSCBR - REST Service and jQuery AJAX

Climbed out of bed at 4am and drove myself and colleague Jumpei on a laughter-filled trip down to Canberra, where we had lots of fun at the SharePoint Saturday Canberra event.

Our best joke along the drive was debating whether Lake George is a real lake.  Our most scary moment was when the car wouldn't start back up after we took a 10min powernap.


As promised, my slide deck and a zip file of the VS.NET solution that was shown. 

While the concepts are still fresh you should build a rest service and see how this all works for you.  Enjoy :-)

Special thanks to Ishai Sagi who saved the day with an innovative 2-laptop remote-each other and project via SVG port.


Ran out of time, I couldn't cover in more detail...

  • How to pass multiple parameters to REST, via a POST operation - the example is in my script and Rest service, but commented out follow that pattern.
  • jQuery AJAX calls are asynchronous, you can fire 4 requests at the same time and they will run in parallel.  Number of asynchronous calls depends on browser but 4 is a common-minimum.
  • Debugging javascript tips
  • Packaging CSS/JS files in a sandbox solution tips
  • Some consideration and discussions around sandbox solution webpart and quota



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For 2007, unfortunately you can't easily do REST, but a lot of the SOAP service wrappers are done by awesome people so you don't have to do it yourself.  Thank Marc.