InfoPath 2010 close the browser window

How do you close the browser window (or tab) completely when you close an InfoPath browser form?

Quick steps:

  1. In your URL to open your form, specify the source parameter.  This is the URL InfoPath will return the user to after the browser form is closed.
  2. Create a simple SharePoint web page with a bit of JavaScript to close itself.
  3. Set the source parameter to this page.


1. Use the Source

MSDN documentation:

When you close a browser form, either via the Close ribbon button, or via the Close action in rules, when the source parameter isn't specified, you end up on this page:


Figure: Silly and really redundant.

If you specify a source parameter, when the user closes the form the browser will redirect to that URL.  This could be the homepage of your site.

With Form Server you can use a few special values such as ~sitecollection or ~site


2. Create a web page that closes itself.

Create a page (wikipage or publishing page), and add this JavaScript magic here.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">"", "_self");


Why is this javascript so strange?  The reason is that if you just call window.close() directly, most browsers will check if the current window was opened from a parent window (such as a popup), and will throw an offensive prompt to the user.


Figure: JavaScript close window confirmation - we don't want this


There are a few different ways to trick the browser, the one that I use above basically tells the browser window to open itself, so now the browser thinks it's got a parent (which is itself), and now won't prompt the user for close confirmation.


3. Set the URL parameter



So now when you close your browser form, it will redirect to our close.aspx page, which will actually close the web browser window (or tab).