SharePoint Saturday Sydney

Hi again.  This is a rather delayed blog post summarizing SharePoint Saturday Sydney #SPSSydney that was held last weekend on 7th August 2010.  This was organized by @BrianFarnhill and Lewis


Again, I brought along my little demo on Silverlight and SharePoint applications, again heavily tweaked from my previous presentation in the SharePoint user group.

The new agenda was:

  1. SharePoint + Silverlight Application
  2. XAP Deployment and Sandbox Solutions
  3. Debugging
  4. Light up SharePoint - Out of Browser

I never did have enough time - it all finished so fast at 50minutes.  And I didn't get to show my really awesome Silverlight Camera demo. 

The strict timing was actually great - gave me good ideas about re-organizing the content.  I should start quickly onto the demos, and then switch back to the PowerPoint summary points at the end as a summary, after people have seen the demo.  That would have worked really well, and consolidated my time, as well as giving the talk a suitable finishing touch.


With my talk out of the way I juggled the rest of the day between: helping out people wandering around looking slightly lost, or wanted to catch up on some examples of Silverlight applications.  Ducking into sessions (usually at the 10minute mark where there's no one wandering outside anymore), to either learn something new, see how others present, or just to heckle another speaker and cheer them on!  Winking smile

  • @laneyvb - Workflow in SharePoint 2010
  • Roger Carran - The Managed Metadata Service - Exposed!
  • Ishai Sagi - New SharePoint 2010 features for End Users
  • Brian Farnhill - Exploring Office Web Applications and Services
  • Ivan Wilson - Building a public blog on SharePoint 2010
  • Eric Cheng - Developing and Deploying SharePoint Customisations Using Visual Studio 2010

Between different sessions most people managed to stayed on until the very end (to win some prizes), and from the guys that I've talked to most of them are heading home with new ideas of using their SharePoint 2010.

All in all a day full of lots of fun and laughter.  Thanks for organising this.

I took some panorama pictures with my iPhone and stitched them.


IMG_3206 Stitch



IMG_3212 Stitch

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