Apple iPhone drivers are pos

Exhibit A: Windows Explorer looking at the pictures in my iPhone.

Exhibit A: Windows Explorer looking at the pictures in my iPhone. 


Notice that almost ALL of them are upside down, this happens very often when I take pictures sideways.  At a glance – you probably think (and I as well) ah you must have held your camera upside down.

But stop for a second.  When I view the pictures in iPhone, it always know which way is UP.  Imagine if you were trying to look at your pictures in your iPhone and they were upside down…  You’d try to flip the phone… but then iPhone will flip the pictures upside down again!  The whole Pictures library will be unusable.  People would get upset!

That means the iPhone knows intrinsically which way is UP, for each picture.

So WTF is it doing when it shows the picture through their drivers on Windows Explorer?

My educated guess and conclusion really is just this:

Apple don’t care if you use an application that’s outside of their ecosystem.  They simply don’t care if you have the absolutely shittiest experience.  Why, it must be Windows’ fault if it can’t render pictures correctly… 

I hate this arrogant side of Apple.  Pisses me off when their engineers can do such a great piece of art and yet at the same time piss on other engineers’ work.