WindowsCE – deploying to the device

A very quick blog on some pointers when deploying your .NET Compact Framework application to a device.

Assuming that you’ve got your windows mobile application built.  And it runs in the virtual emulator shipped with VS.NET.  What’s next?

  1. Connect your device (PDA, hand-held, smart phone…)
  2. If you can not connect, you will need either Active Sync, or Windows Mobile Device center
    Grab it here:
  3. Once you can connect – check in VS.NET to see that VS.NET can connect to the device.  You may be prompted on the device about several installation and whether to trust a few files.
  4. Verify and accept them.  Then you should be able to deploy and debug the application on your WindowsCE


Next step – how do I add a short cut link to my application?

VS.NET will typically deploy the application to \Program Files\<Project Name>\<Assembly Executable Name>

You can change these settings in the application project properties.

To add a shortcut:

  1. You can’t create short cut within Windows CE. 
  2. Create a plain text file called <My App>.lnk
  3. Open the text file with notepad
  4. the format is <length>#<path to exe as well as arguments>
    28#”\Program Files\App\App.exe”
  5. 35#”\Program Files\App\App.exe” “mydb”
  6. save the text file to \Windows\Startup\Programs