VirtualBox – actually quite nice

I actually learn of VirtualBox via Twitter.

That’s one of the things I realize from Twitter – people talk about things they like.  One person says it…  Then a couple of months later you hear another one that has something nice to say.  Then you hear from a third guy.

Word of Mouth advertising.  It works.

What is VirtualBox – why do I need this?

VirtualBox is Sun/Oracle’s virtualization host. 


  • It is free for personal use.
  • It can host x64 (better than Virtual PC)
  • It can understand both VMDK and VHD formats (beats Virtual PC or VMWare)
  • It is faster than Virtual PC
  • You can create new VM with VirtualBox (beats VMWare Player)



How does it compare with other offerings?

Here’s a totally unscientific chart based on my understanding:

  Free x64 client OS Create VM Virtual HD Neeed Speeed
Virtual PC Yes No Yes VHD Sluggish
Virtual Box Yes Yes Yes VHD
VMWare Workstation No Yes Yes VMDK No
VMWare Player Yes Yes No VMDK No
Hyper-V No
(Win Server x64)
Yes Yes VHD No
Boot to VHD Yes (Win7) Yes No VHD Fastest


Anyway, VirtualBox and Boot to VHD are my two picks.