SharePoint 2010 – sneak peek

Microsoft has begin to move and has blasted off with the SharePoint 2010 sneak peek website – I can’t help but think the timing was strategic – right after the NZ SharePoint conference, before the US SharePoint conference coming up in October.  If this had go up one week before the NZ SharePoint conference – there would have been many speakers ambushed with questions they might not know how to answer.

Anyway, the areas I’ll be paying extreme close attention to are:


  • Love the ribbon!
  • Love the cross browser support!
  • Love the AJAX – though the video looks like there were still full screen refreshes
  • Curious about Visio services
  • Curious about Business Connectivity Services
  • Like the SharePoint designer – wish they allow more admin control to turn off features so that it can be more accepted in the enterprise.


  • Like new central admin
  • Love SharePoint best practice analyzer!
  • Love usage reporting and logging!
  • Love the unattached content database recovery!


  • Curious about VS.NET 2010 integration – I hope it’s heaps better than VSeWSS 1.3
  • Love LINQ for SharePoint!
  • Curious about Developer Dashboard
  • Love client object model!

Anyway, lots of love for now – no hate yet.