hasn't launched and I hate it already launched, and I hate it already.

edit: is Open to Public, so this should have read: hasn't launched yet and I hate it already

It’s basically for sys admins.  Great in concept, and probably a well-requested idea by SOers to keep SO pure… 

But then you’ve got guys like me.  I’m not a pure developer.  I’m a knowledge sponge.

I want to know everything to do with SharePoint, because I know there’s a lot that I don’t know, so anything new to read is awesome.

And now, I’ve got one extra place I have to check.

  • StackOverflow search RSS
  • SharePointMVPs twitter
  • MS SP General Forums RSS
  • Various MVP blogs
  • SP Team Blog
  • don’t want


SharePoint Configuration –
SharePoint Application Development –

And possibly the worse part of it is that I now have 2 reputations to grind – this is just like another WOW reputation grind.



Already, people are asking:

Great questions, but I hate having to check two places.  Why couldn’t they just stick a tag on SO just baffles me…

Who came up with this stupid idea anyway!


What’s next? for architects?


Anyway, if you are a sys admin and never wants to see a line of .NET code, feel free to head over and never see SO again – but as for me…