SharePoint - On the verge of launching a new release of a SharePoint site

On the verge of launching a new release of a public SharePoint website and I came across this list (from shanselman’s twitter actually).

15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website

Here’s how we fared:

  1. Favicon checked and done!
  2. Titles and Meta data checked!  Actually SharePoint comes with quite a bit of baggage, but we started with a clean masterpage so this is not too bad.
  3. Cross-Browser Checkschecked!  IE6, 7, 8, FireFox, Chrome, Safari + iPhone.  RichHTML editing is limited to IE for now – but there’s a release soon afterwards to upgrade to Telerik’s RadEditor Lite.
  4. Proofreadnot enough :-(
  5. Linkschecked - using both SharePoint’s internal reports and SSW Link Auditor – hopefully the content editors don’t put in bad links from now til launch…
  6. Functionality Checkchecked!  My biggest fears are that in the sprint until launch, if we accidentally break an existing feature that was working previously, so far my fears have been unfounded.
  7. Graceful Degradationnot checked…  I think I’m going to feel guilty for saying this one, but I just don’t think it’s relevant to check for JavaScript now.  Especially on a SharePoint site.
  8. Validationno - it’s SharePoint.  This is going to be a tough one to tick off.
  9. RSS Linkchecked – may be.  One of the features of this release, unless we have to cut it.
  10. Analyticschecked – both the SharePoint reports, as well as Google Analytics that was used for the old site
  11. Sitemapchecked – SharePoint does this naturally
  12. Defensive Designchecked.  SharePoint allows for 404 to be customized
  13. Optimizenot enough.  We’re utilizing quite a few performance tricks we have up our sleeves, but ultimately there’s just not the level of control in SharePoint vs. say a custom ASP.NET application
  14. Back Upchecked
  15. Print Style Sheetneed to check again.  This was working previously but we’ve had some work done on the site in the last two releases and I’m a bit worried about our good ol’ print css.


So we scored 10/15.  Ticked off most of the easy ones.  Have quite a few really tough ones left.  Wish us luck!