SharePoint – Name ActiveX Control error.



This error pops up on SharePoint MOSS publishing websites that are in the Internet security zone for IE browsers.

This is because the core.js file wants to use ActiveX control “name.dll”, this ActiveX control is responsible for the presence information for SharePoint.

In the Internet security zone, IE pops this question to the user to ask them whether they want the ActiveX to run.

In development

For developers, if you have accidentally clicked “Yes Allow it to run”, then you won’t see this error and it can hinder your debugging of your public SharePoint site.

This is a RegEdit fix to get rid of this key to see name.dlll ActiveX warning in IE again.


I have been told that some server machines doesn’t seem to have this key.

UPDATE try: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{E18FEC31-2EA1-49A2-A7A6-902DC0D1FF05}


  1. MS has a KB article that shows you a broken way of fixing this.  It doesn’t work.
  2. We’ve found two other ways that are slightly better, one way is to override the JavaScript function that calls this – you have to be careful of the timing of which events are called first.
  3. The other way is to implement a HTTP output module to strip the reference to core.js from the output stream.  This can only be done safely for anonymous users, as core.js contains required JavaScript that is necessary for content editing.