re: Dell Newsletter

After reading yet another Dell monthly newsletter, I decided to reply to it.  I figure it’s rant-worthy.

Hi Mr Dell,

When I purchased my laptop, I was after a couple of spare 9-cell battery for longer battery life, and I was told it was out of stock, which is fair enough – these things go out of stock from time to time.

I specifically left instructions that when they are in stock, I would like to be notified.

Because I _really_ want them.

It has since been 6 months, and I find it hard to believe that they are still out of stock.

I think it’s good customer relationship management to:

1. give me an update on what's going on

2. you may need to fix your CRM software, because I think these are simple instructions that should have been followed up on at least every 3 months - especially since the customer is already telling you he wants to spend the money

3. you should already know which laptop model that I bought from you, and that which I've specifically told the sales girl to put down a note that I want the better batteries for this laptop.