jQuery + Microsoft


I had the opportunity to work a lot with jQuery at a project during 2007-2008.  Back in those days, we were mixing a lot of the jQuery code with ASP.NET controls.

Some things worked well, other bits were hard.  Sometimes there were a lot of head scratching.

One thing remained true:
jQuery made working with JavaScript fun.

I hesitated a bit on recommending jQuery on my next project, but once you've done jQuery it's hard to not work with jQuery - secretly I lamented having to write JavaScript the old way.

Over the weekend, ScottGu and Scott Hanselman both announced Microsoft will be making jQuery part of the official dev platform.  With stronger support for VS.NET, and will be shipping with ASP.NET MVC

I was reminded of my post earlier in the year.

Writing XML docs for JavaScript

Looks like MS will be doing one of my todo's for me :-)