New MacBook to have glass trackpad (End of September)


I've got to say the multi-touch glass screen on the iPhone is pretty neat - and I've seen the multi-tracking trackpad on the macbook.  Trisnadi Kurniawan (we call him Tristan) owns one.  Couple of other guys in the office already have, or are getting their MacBooks soon and dual boots daily.

Personally I'm still not convinced the MacBook is worth twice the cost of other notebooks such as offerings from Dell, Acer or Asus.  A typical dual-core laptop with 4GB ram and readyboost should be able to handily out perform a MacBook any day.

But anyway, with all the chatter about touch trackpads, here's my prediction for 2010:


Year 2010, Steve Jobs unveils the MacBook Super Touch Pro.  There is no keyboard or trackpad for this MacBook, the touch keyboard functions as:

  • on screen keyboard + trackpad
  • artpad
  • finger print scanner
  • a numeric keypad is available and slides in from the right (or left-hand) with a simple swipe gesture
  • additional keys can be added and removed from the virtual keyboard
  • keys can be resized.  commonly used keys have a slightly larger detect surface - but you won't see it because SteveJ would rather die than to show a keyboard with non-identical-sized keys.
  • the keyboard is backlit (or how else would you be able to see the keys)
  • There is no gap between the keys so dirt can't get in
  • Water / coffee resistant
  • The thickness of the MacBook is further reduced down to 2cm.  Making this the Thinnest Laptop Ever (tm).
  • The MacBook dissipates some of the heat via the glass keyboard panel so it keeps your hands warm in the winter.
  • The two areas where the palm rests can be configured to show your todo-list, mail inbox, ipod play list, or photos of your loved ones (defaults to your idol SteveJ of course).

In other news, Microsoft complained that this was the same surface technology they've demo'ed 5 years ago in 2005 (but never worked out how to sell it properly).

In yet more other news, Homer complains that he can no longer use the drinking bird to press the Y-key on his MacBook.  Because the keyboard detects human touch only.