The best way to learn to customizing Sharepoint for an ASP.NET guy - use Reflector

This is probably the best best tip I'm going to share so far with regards to Sharepoint.

Think of Sharepoint as a pre-built framework on top of ASP.NET, if you are working within the confines of the multitude of options Sharepoint gives you, then you need a big thick book on Sharepoint.

If you are thinking about customizing Sharepoint, then you're beginning to face a problem I had.

How does it all work, and perhaps more importantly, why does it just not work?

You can resort to Google.  In which case, I hope you find this blog.

Or you can grab Reflector and peek inside the secrets of Microsoft.Sharepoint (WSS) and Microsoft.Sharepoint.Publishing (MOSS) assemblies.

I'll share with some findings real soon.