This is what I would do if I ever quit IT

  1. Hire out accessible office building balconies in Sydney, or park space
  2. Get a bunch of beach chairs
  3. Put up lots of beach umbrellas (for the sun and rain?)
  4. Hire out the beach chairs for lunch and nap afterwards
  • Pump up lots of beach balls for decoration (and to keep the kids busy)
  • Complementary sun block if they don't want to stay under the umbrella - though sun burns during lunch probably is great advertising.
  • Soothing beach sounds and music

Premium service

  • Martini, Coke, Tea
  • Clean beach towels for hire.
  • Alarm clock fitted to the previously mentioned beach chairs
  • Wind breaker walls - I imagine on top of office buildings in Sydney the wind will be quite big

The company will be called "5 Minutes to Beach Paradise"