Dell Support Australia called me back but sounded suspicious

I was talking initially to Murali - the first person that I chatted with regarding my defective Dell Inspiron laptop.

When he could not authorize someone to come fix my laptop I had it escalated to customer-care, I'm guessing that is the level two support.

I spoke with Itsenin and I think he told me a lie to get rid of me.  He told me Dell has already issued a recall of these laptops and my laptop wasn't on the list.

I think this is a poop excuse - my defect isn't as serious as an exploding battery and there would be no need for a general recall unless a customer reports that they indeed have a defective machine.

Today, Murali called me back and was asking me what did customer-care tell me.

I find this phone call extremely puzzling.  Eh, don't you guys work in the same company?  Shouldn't you just ask him?

Extremely suspicious.  I think they still haven't got it in their minds that I'm expecting this to be fixed at Dell's expense.

Which brings me to ponder a question:

What is the role of technical support?

  • Keep customers happy so they are recurring customers


  • Save the company money by making up crap and refusing to honour an agreed replacement

Doesn't it just cost them more to have me refusing to have the issue resolved?

Anyway, things aren't smooth, but I hope it gets better soon.