Avoiding my Dell laptop like the plague

I've had my Dell Inspiron laptop for over 2 years now.  And I've always thought it was a pretty good machine and I'm pleased to have used Dell.  I've pretty much upgraded it as far as it could go, and I was considering to shell out for a new Dell laptop when this one hits three years old.

Until recently.

There are now two ugly line down the middle of my Dell laptop (see my previous rant Oh noes!  Dell Dead Line), and until Dell agree to fix it, I just get upset whenever I look at my laptop.

I turn the laptop on, see the vertical dead pixels line, then I get frustrated and I turn my laptop back off.

  • Forget about the Internet
  • Who cares about my emails
  • Never mind all the blogging!
  • Nor worry about the gaming
  • Stuff writing my applications

I had no idea that the laptop was so integral of my evenings, but currently my urge to use that laptop is next to zero.

Just like if you have an ulcer on your mouth and it's painful to eat, then all the food becomes tasteless.

Likewise, when there is a freaking defect on your LCD monitor, then anything I do on the laptop becomes tasteless.

I can't enjoy working on my broken Dell.  Thus I don't want to use it.  Honestly, I just want my machine to work properly again.