Seriously thinking to split this blog

I like blogging about what I'm doing, but in some aspect, there are different areas that I would like to blog about:

Software Development

  • Some really interesting problems and how we solve them
  • Some really annoying bugs and how we got around them
  • Some totally unexplained and undocumented feature and how we figured out how it all worked

Software Project Management

  • This is not my forte, but as you get experienced in this industry it's probably inevitable that you end up doing project management work
  • Project management deals a lot with the risks, processes and communication with clients.


  • What I thought about WOW
  • What I'm thinking about WAR
  • XBox, XBox Live
  • PC gaming, in general


  • Stuff that happens, usually something about my laptop - honestly if my laptop was working fine you guys would never even know I was using a Dell Studio 17 (BTW, after the technician fixed it, it's working really well now)